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21. March 2020
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21. March 2020

Rather, why the body does not “turn it off” that is discussed in the following lines. I will try to explain it as simply as possible.

Everyone is worried about their health in the fight against COVID-19 because its power lies in the spy move from parasite to parasite in a perfect and inconspicuous way that as a timed bomb survives and parasites, and as such a plague expands, it is worse than a timed bomb, because it has a destructive effect before it explodes. Until the incubation period passes to the explosion – in other words, to break out i.e. 14-24 days, one individual can infect tens of people and the other tens, of which hundreds and thousands are infected. And now watch out for 5-6 days lung failure. For more on corona, see the next article. We need to have a strong immune system and how we influence it with our consciousness and love is what today’s article is about.

The following example is good to explain how our body reacts:

Imagine that you are very ill and have an inflammation in your lungs, and in that you see a tiger who is just going to hurry and kill you. You have two choices from which you must immediately choose one of them is that you concentrate all your energy on curing pneumonia or choose all your energy to escape from the tiger.

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What have you just chosen?


I believe you just escaped from the tiger, because if you don´t it is not necessary to worry about pneumonia anymore. You have to escape from the tiger first, give it energy. Then the body will fight the disease. Because if you don’t escape, you won’t have a chance to fight the disease anymore!

Our body can only fight one problem at a time with stress. Once upon a time, people waved a different kind of stress that, when passed, managed to turn off. But today’s world works completely differently. We are bound to live in a continuous stress that does not stop, resulting in civilizational diseases. Today more people die from cardiovascular diseases and obesity than ever before. What can we do about it? We definitely need to change our lifestyle. Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you are? Modern times have brought us keto diets, diet by blood groups, the exclusion of sugars from food, divided foods, organic foods, Mačingova´s diet and various others. There are planty on the market. It is important that you know your own body and specific diet, sometimes it is good to make a combination for yourself. A few years ago, Edita Šipeky founded a weight loss college. At that time, I liked the sentence that everyone would listen to their body what they wanted, because someone was missing potassium, someone  magnesium, …. the body would ask for lentils, or carrots. Ideally, if one knows himself in self-love and I mean it in every way.

Why do I mention it and what does it have to do with immunity? The most important thing is to feel good and happy. We do not realize what is important to our body. Our brains are a software that manages everything, it needs “healthy fats” …. when you imagine the brain and the large intestine in the body and we would put them side by side they are similar, the intestine and brain are closely connected, so what we eat is important. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are essential for healthy brain functioning. I learned a lot from Dr. Weeksa, an American doctor who created a seed-based diet. I will never forget the sentence he said, “Everything is in seeds!” which means everything is in the seeds. I have Crohn’s disease, celiac disease and lactose intolerance – a very good combination. It was very helpful by preparations from the seeds, which are oxygen for the body, suitable for cell renewal and therefore the proliferation of new “healthy cells”. For your interest, I recommend reading the next article with a detailed description of the seeds.

In order for the immune system to work well, we need to be able to work with consciousness, have a good lifestyle and, by that I can prove to eliminate stress, including work, the environment, conflicts.

What do doctors do first when they transplant an organ? They give a stress hormone to the body before they change organs!

Do You know why? Stress hormone turns off immunity. They then insert the organ and wait for the body to receive it.

How can I protect and support my immune system the most?    

Oxygen – mitochondria in cells must be healthy to propagate healthy,
Vitamin C and D – the body cannot produce them by itself as in animals,
Omega 3 and 6 acids – membrane permeability to the cell nucleus,
Love – behaves differently consciousness and immune system!

A person in love works consciously. He manages his own desires himself. Most people, looking at them running in a template as a flywheel, do what they were taught, like being brought up, the same job, the same food, the same negativity, everything and everyone is bad, life is difficult, food is the same from birth, the same ritual programs of life. And now a man enters into life, to whom love burns! Have you ever seen a person in love who shines with happiness and smiles from ear to ear with joy and happiness? He can’t influence it, he can’t stop it, he can’t do anything about it. Nevertheless, it will turn everything into a tiny part of the consciousness that governs our life-bred and embedded patterns and the environment in which we do well. It is not in vain that you look at the five people you have closest in the circle, because in time you will resemble them. Naturally, we suck in our subconscious patterns that we encode inside ourselves. A person in love does not settle for what he had and tries to fulfill his desires to be with the person he likes! And here is, friends this secret !!!

Immunity is turned off by the fear and stress we experience. If the doctor tells the patient that he will die in 3 months, the patient will take it into his head and start to cut off, or he won’t take it and start fighting. In love, by acting consciously, the immune system will not shut down and will fight because it has another “invisible” force that helps it overcome everything. A clear goal and vision.

Just be in love! If it were that simple, right?

How do we know if we are currently working consciously or subconsciously? Let’s briefly explain:

How do we know if we work with 5% consciousness or 95% subconscious? The consciousness is creative and plans, seeing as a visionary the future as opposed to the unconscious memory that only plays back as the playback past, including evil memories, patterns. We can talk about copying behavior, behavioral behavior is a copy of automated behavior. A raised discipline can be both positive and negative, because we are not aware that we are living the code life we ​​have there. We are unhappy, but we live so and we cannot change it. Or just don’t know we can change that?

Falling in love cannot be planned and comes when you least expect it and everything that seemed to be difficult suddenly works differently. She or He looks better and healthier, people say that the person is shining, precisely because it secretes growth hormones. Those who know me from the lectures, know the dissolution of the male and female brain, perception, attraction. What attracts a man and what a woman. In any case, both choose the “alpha” male or female as a sexual object that at first sight enchants them. Everyone perceives the positives differently, but it is mainly about charism, self-confidence and posture as we walk, the voice we speak with, how we hold the whole body and how we shake hands …. all this reveals our self-confidence. The higher the submissivity manifested in body language, the lower the interest of the other side of the sex. Because we evaluate as attractive “healthy”. Confident walking and shining smile, healthy hair, clean hands and nails … all this speaks about the care and health of a person. Men look at women animally for a few seconds, since time immemorial men looked at the waving sides and buttocks of a woman, subconsciously reproduction and everyone wants a healthy future mother. Men like a woman, it has nothing to do with love, even from a distance, a woman is a sexual object. For love to take place, men undergo a completely different process in their body and brain than in women. Women can detect in 20 minutes whether there is “NO” or “YES” for any other conversation or date. For a man, if a woman is attractive, it will take even longer for the brain to move and connect the emotional block with the sexual block. But what happens if both sides fall in love? Beautiful chemical process in progress.

When person falls in love, the dopamine – we talk about pleasure, another hormone Oxytocin is associated with the source of pleasure, vasopressin begins to be secreted into the blood and therefore we are attractive to the other. By secreting growth hormone, one glows and looks healthy. You look beautiful and you are attractive to the surroundings.

Dopamine or 4- (2-aminoethyl) benzene-1,2-diol is a chemical naturally produced in the brain, acting as a neurohormone produced in the hyotalam. It acts as a neurotransmitter that activates dopamine receptors. Dopamine is associated with a system of pleasant perceptions and motivation for various activities. Because it is released in certain parts of the brain by naturally pleasurable activities such as eating, dancing, physical activity or sex. That’s why we talk about “gastroorgasm” depending on what our body and brain perceive as a pleasant activity. For some, it doesn’t have to be sport or sex. Oxytocin is chemically understood as a protein that causes contractions in the body of a thin muscle at birth and sexual irritation.

What happens to the contrary? When fear and stress come – they slow down growth and basically disable the immune system. Disabled immune system is unable to fight a disease.

What is the greatest energy in the world? LOVE!


I have admired Albert Einstein’s work and theories for all my life, I agree with things that do not go beyond my understanding, have proven the existence of God by science, and that love is the greatest energy in the world! Therefore, I would like to conclude by citing a piece of Albert Einstein’s letter to his daughter:

“To make love visible, I just changed the value in my most famous equation. If, instead of E = mc2, we accept that energy to heal the world can be obtained through love multiplied by the square of the speed of light, we would conclude that love is After the failure of mankind to control the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is very urgent that we fill ourselves with another kind of energy … If we want our species to survive if we want to find the meaning of life, if we want to save the world, and every living being that inhabits it, love is the answer. “

I am grateful if you have read this article to the end and I wish everyone a lot of love, strong immunity and especially good health.

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