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21. March 2020
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Waiting for love on 1st Spring day 2020

21. March 2020

Waiting for love on 1st Spring day 2020

Waiting all winter for the coming spring and love.
With hope for the rebirth of all living things.
A nuisace was born as a punishment for humanity itself.
Death is lurking in breath or touch,

nature 166

chokes the company to the last breath.
Time stopped as if someone had frozen it.
Are you looking at the peace that has come?
Pride, vanity, inability to love die
and help the poor with innate humility.
Anger, covetousness and envy dominated the world.
Devil’s favorite sin? Pride!
We are all proud, pride is our own skin,
it is a part of our nature.
Heaven is a kingdom of peace and love,
Hell is a kingdom of pride.
In pride and rivalry among people
by defaming wealth, we have blinded and we do not see the trigger,
that we leave behind…The wounded Mother Earth under that burden,
dying birds, painful Earth in the arteries
caused by human imperfection.
Does it remind you of the ten Egyptian wounds?
Or as in the works of romanticism?
Fight of love, hate, property, death.
The hero fights for freedom.
The freedom that came to us as a matter of course.
Man is doing mistakes, he can find humility
and get a second chance without death?
Power struggles and accusations always lead to tragedy.
Let’s learn from the past without anger
in maximum kindness.
Find the culprit? We are the first
without shame and without humility
in pride we throw the first stone.
Years and bloody freedom and democracy
it’s fragile but we don’t see how rare it is.
The nuisance is stealing into society
inconspicuously, sneaky, and intruding…
Nuisance like cancer, which builds an interpersonal wall
between peaceful nations.And I was looking forward to the spring full of birth and love…
In that silence I hear a beautiful rattle of birds,
I look forward to blooming flowers and trees,
caressing the sun on my face as if it was my love.

Thinking and dreaming about my love faraway.

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