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Do you know your strengths?
Do you know what your potential will reveal to you?
Are you ready to criticize for your personal growth?

Listen to engaging interview with Associate professor
Marcela Morvova

about sustainable solutions for planet Earth and Space, about engines, CO2 and why is Methan worst than CO2 for our planet.

You can find more interviews here:



The relationship between a mentor and a mentee is based on trust in the mentor in the area in which he / she mentors.

No relationship between a mentor and a mentee is the same. They come in different shapes and sizes. However, there are key features that every mentor-mentee relationship should have:

Business protocol

In the business world, the way you travel can make a good or bad first impression. The first impression is key. There is more business etiquette than being careful not to eat out loud during a business lunch and drink tea in a meeting without keeping it or licking a teaspoon. So how do you control unspoken business rules and influence potential clients and like-minded professionals?

Personal development

Personal development is a package in which you go through several challenging phases of your personality in order to understand yourself and find direction, potential, self-confidence, mission and harmony of mind, body and soul. You will get rid of fears and old algorithms. Utilization and acceptance of work with the intuition of the heart as an inner force, the logic of the mind, the instinct of the body.


Dear Linda,

we are honored to have our long-term cooperation.
You have been our faithful partner in the field of recruitment on our passenger ships for almost 15 years.
We value our long-term cooperation and your loyalty and flexibility.
Your many years of experience and professional advice
in the field of gastronomy have helped us many times in the field of innovation.

Miroslava Bacsay

The Best Support in the HR ever!

Christine Arnold

I have attended Linda Hnatová’s lectures several times, which were always very interesting, interactive and informative. Linda Hnatová is a very nice, energetic and always smiling person. In her workshops, the participant is clearly not bored. It is really clear that Linda Hnatová has many years of experience, I left the lectures very satisfied and with the feeling that I learned a lot of useful information, and if you have the opportunity to attend her lectures, I definitely recommend it, you will not regret.

Martina Luttyová

I am glad to work with such a well-tuned, friendly and positive person as Linda. I always leave our meetings motivated and with a lot of new and current information. I can always rely for 100% on Linda’s help, she can provide and equip everything with an overview.

Alexandra Machova

If you like the Rainbow, you will love Linda. Lindus is the embodied walking rainbow between us. She is so close to God that her white color sits down, and hence her hurricane of smiles and hearts, she is sunny and eternal optimistic as yellow and orange in spite of everything, but really all the trials of life. She is as natural as green and gains energy in nature. She has a passion like a bull and in red she excels like a poppy among other flowers. Blue is the mother color that she is, but not only that, her soul that sails the seas where she works with her ships. But Linda is even more, she goes all the way to the black because she stands by the people until the end, rejoices with the rejoicing and cries with the crying. She is My friend !!!! What else.

Veronika Bella

I have known Linda for over 12 years when we started to work together. During our cooperation, Linda was an excellent mentor in the field of business, international relations, strategy, analysis, accounting, HR management, and many more areas. In 2011, under her leadership, I have achieved my personal goal and received a prestigious recruitment award ‘Recruitrank’. Currently I’m living and working in the city of Vancouver in Canada and despite the distance and workload, Linda is always willing and very helpful when it comes to counselling. Linda’s amazing skills and experience in international business and related industries is definitely going to exceed your expectations and I highly recommend her professional services such as counselling, mentoring and others

Martin Kovalcik

Linda Hnatova impresses as a detail-oriented and conscientious individual who makes positive contributions to the business environments she addresses. Linda’s extensive range of international business experience has positioned her well with advanced knowledge of foreign cultures and business norms, with practical applications of enhanced business interactions involving foreign business counterparts. In summary, Linda is a dedicated and thorough individual capable of being an asset to any business environment she becomes involved in, and is capable of meeting or exceeding the objectives and expectations of her counterparts.

Blair Baker

Linda can do impossible on hold, and miracles up to three days.

Martin Tazky


Sign up for a short consultation for free.
Depending on whether you are looking for individual advice or advice for a company, we will be happy to say what would be most appropriate.


The consultation will take 15-20 minutes to agree on the requirements, the expectations of the goals achieved, the process.


Individual sessions within mentoring or personal development can be completed in 1, 5 or 10 hours. It depends on which package you choose.


Group trainings on a selected topic will be held online or in person according to the agreement for at least 6 people. Individual tailor-made offer.

Education & Webinars

Give the man fish and sow him one day, teach the man to catch fish and give him a living for life.

You will learn things for life!

Business protocol

Communication skills

Professional presentation

Pitch in front of the investor

Body language

Financial literacy

Job interview

Working with the customer

Business partners

Personal development

Personal development can also be considered a cycle. There is a certain resemblance to education. Both are entered through a process of internal analysis, reflection and questioning. In exactly the same way that this step is used by the student to take responsibility for any change in the knowledge base, in personal development the individual gives authority over the changes that occur in his approach. Personal development can encourage and help, but because it has the potential to change self-perception and outlook. Those who would facilitate this process for others must do so within ethical constraints. Personal development will change your view of yourself from a different perspective.