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Saturday, 21 March 2020 17:07


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Rather, why the body does not "turn it off" that is discussed in the following lines. I will try to explain it as simply as possible.

Everyone is worried about their health in the fight against COVID-19 because its power lies in the spy move from parasite to parasite in a perfect and inconspicuous way that as a timed bomb survives and parasites, and as such a plague expands, it is worse than a timed bomb, because it has a destructive effect before it explodes. Until the incubation period passes to the explosion - in other words, to break out i.e. 14-24 days, one individual can infect tens of people and the other tens, of which hundreds and thousands are infected. And now watch out for 5-6 days lung failure. For more on corona, see the next article. We need to have a strong immune system and how we influence it with our consciousness and love is what today's article is about.

The following example is good to explain how our body reacts:

Imagine that you are very ill and have an inflammation in your lungs, and in that you see a tiger who is just going to hurry and kill you. You have two choices from which you must immediately choose one of them is that you concentrate all your energy on curing pneumonia or choose all your energy to escape from the tiger.

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What have you just chosen?

Saturday, 21 March 2020 11:32

Waiting for love on 1st Spring day 2020

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Waiting for love on 1st Spring day 2020

Waiting all winter for the coming spring and love.
With hope for the rebirth of all living things.
A nuisace was born as a punishment for humanity itself.
Death is lurking in breath or touch,

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If you asked me what was the most fascinating for me at the wedding fair, I told you "HELIORING" not just what amazing people I met, but also what these great people offer.

I love people, love, energy, space, technology and vision. After I saw what the Lords of HELIORING exhibited, I was astonished. Spinning mats resembling the universe and spinning planets. Charming design and a piece of space from love in the palm of your hand is original!

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