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If you asked me what was the most fascinating for me at the wedding fair, I told you "HELIORING" not just what amazing people I met, but also what these great people offer.

I love people, love, energy, space, technology and vision. After I saw what the Lords of HELIORING exhibited, I was astonished. Spinning mats resembling the universe and spinning planets. Charming design and a piece of space from love in the palm of your hand is original!

I love charitable actions, not just because of the great feeling that you are doing something for someone, but also because I have met amazing people from whom I have incredible friends in life, bringing joy, light and support. I am very grateful to them and I appreciate the fact that God put them inmy lifeway. Even thanks to one event in Bratislava, where we met again, we had a wonderful debate where Jaro pulled out his mobile and spontaneously began talking about a talented autistic František Tóth, whose paintings he showed us in the gallery of his cell. The dream of František was to meet the Holy Papa Francesco and to give him the pictures he painted.

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