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25. March 2019
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HELIORING – unique rings with a touch of space

25. March 2019

If you asked me what was the most fascinating for me at the wedding fair, I told you “HELIORING” not just what amazing people I met, but also what these great people offer.

I love people, love, energy, space, technology and vision. After I saw what the Lords of HELIORING exhibited, I was astonished. Spinning mats resembling the universe and spinning planets. Charming design and a piece of space from love in the palm of your hand is original!

Which date is important to you? When you met fatefully? When you marry and join in one body before God? Date of birth? It is so great we could have it as sign written.

We have different stories, fate stories. The best thing is expressed by my good friend: “People, stories, emotions!” And he’s right, we’re all unique, special people with unique elements like our DNA. Czech designers have combined artistic handicraft with science and technology, adding to the love and sensuality of the date for you to make a unique piece of jewelry that will make a deep sense to you. It resembles a piece of the universe when the planets are assembled in jewelry and create an original space ornament. Whether you choose yellow, white or pink gold it is your decision. Whether it is a simple hole or pebbles, whether the combination is up to you. I know which one is for me 🙂

Would you like to know what your installation is? Try it HERE! It fascinates me, so I decided to share it with you. What do you say?

I suggest you visit and see how it works.

LInda helioring

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