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31. January 2019
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31. January 2019

I love charitable actions, not just because of the great feeling that you are doing something for someone, but also because I have met amazing people from whom I have incredible friends in life, bringing joy, light and support. I am very grateful to them and I appreciate the fact that God put them inmy lifeway. Even thanks to one event in Bratislava, where we met again, we had a wonderful debate where Jaro pulled out his mobile and spontaneously began talking about a talented autistic František Tóth, whose paintings he showed us in the gallery of his cell. The dream of František was to meet the Holy Papa Francesco and to give him the pictures he painted.

We met František Tóth “Francesco” thanks to Jaro, who also met Viktor Vlasák – the curator of František. He’s helping him on the painter’s path and it’s not even now. Veronika Sasso Bella from the Slovak Consulate in Milan addressed Petr Dvorský, who was at that time director of the Cultural Institute in Rome. The visit of Mr. Jan Šoth, the Ambassador of the Republic of Slovakia in Rome, Mr. Marek Lisansky – Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Holy See, and Mrs. Ľubica Mikušová – Director of the Slovak Institute in Rome, managed to equip František Tóth with a trip to the Vatican for the Holy Father František.

František chose beautiful paintings with Viktor (curator and friend) on one 3D monster, and the second was an interesting crystalline technique with a picture of the Vatican in the shape of Peter’s key and a coliseum on the right side, above which there is a dark night sky and the whole surroundings were beautiful rainbows and several angels protecting the Vatican and Rome from all the spells that are shattering all around. František works by feeling the idea, first of all he writes a question, and then on the other side of the paper, he begins to paint incredible elements, rich in fantasy, deep into the last detail. Inspired by the spiritual sentiment and the desire to meet the Holy Father, the golden color that you find on many of his paintings was at the forefront. A talented artist feels that it is the power of the spirit through which he can paint it so as to leave himself from inside.

On January 15, 2019, we traveled from Bratislaa to Rome and paintings with us, in the morning a great day waited for us – an audience with the Holy Father. František could not wait and wrote notes, what he wanted to say to the Holy Father in case jitters come. Mrs. Silvia Valachová, Ambassador assistant at the Holy See, accompanied us to the Vatican during the audience, also translated to us the beautiful Saint’s speech. Veronika Sasso Bella of the Milan Consulate has been working with children and adults with autism since graduation from Bratislava, František liked her and was very happy that Veronika could tell the Holy Papa Francesco that he has the same name like he and that he was painting pictures. The Holy Father was pleased with the pictures, and he told František that he is a great talent and continued to paint. This meeting was an unforgettable experience for all the participants, and this joy was magnified by the Holy Father when Veronica showed him and the Holy Father smiled at us and waved us (the photographs below). Silvia, Viktor, Jaro and I were honored and none of us will forget it.

The joy did not end as during the second day we prepared an official exhibition in the marble hall at the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Rome connected with the reception, which you can see on the video below the article. František Tóth has fulfilled a beautiful dream and could greatly start his career. With his modesty and cordiality he envied all the guests. I believe that his work will be even richer with this blessing and will bring much more joy to the life of Francesco – so we call him now 🙂 … I look forward to the moment when I can write about another exhibition of František.

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